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Coast patent

You can apply to us for the test of the Croatian coast patent or acquire IYT world wide patent master, extendable to Offshore Master patent!


Skipper training

Our annual skipper training is conducted in April and October! Ideal for beginners and advanced students! Training is provided on 40 - 44 feet sailing yachts, with Lagoon 380 / 410 catamarans, with 34 - 38 feet motor yachts in the marina Dalmacia Bibinje - Sukosan!


Yacht investment and used yachts

We are happy to inform you also about Yachtinvest, with the help of which you can then fulfil your dream of your own yacht! We always have used yachts on offer as well! Our used boats offer is always up-to-date!


Cruise schedules, moorings, buoy fields, gift coupons, links

Here you will find interesting cruise schedules, the most beautiful bays in Italy and Croatia, list with buoy fields, and of course, our gift coupons, which are always a good idea for a gift! We have listed our closest partners under Links!