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08.06.2016 – New in our Fleet!

MANUFACTURER’S REPORT:¬†“The SPORT 400 COUPE simply cannot be surpassed for variability. Its large windows and doors turn the stern into a balcony and when required, turn the cockpit into a saloon.” Its sophisticated lighting concept offers a 360-degree panorama view.¬† With two double cabins and a spacious saloon with galley, the SPORT 400 COUPE is more than a motor yacht for just the weekend. Marco Casali and his team at the Italian design agency TOO DESIGN have given the SPORT 400 COUPE a new dimension in design. The nautical architects from Insenaval S.L., who have years of experience in building¬†megayachts, have poured all their knowledge into this sleekly designed boat.¬† DESIGN UNLIMITED designed the modern, stylish and functional interior, but the finishing touches to this beautiful SPORT 400 Coupe have been given by the designers at BAVARIA.”