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Nautical Mile Cruise 2011 was a success!

Successful Nautical Mile Cruise

You can see the photos here!

The first Nautical Mile Cruise organized by Yachting2000 from 13th to 23rd April 2011 travelled from Sibenik (Sukosan*) via Vela Luka - Corfu - Paxos - Corfu - Brindisi - Lastovo (Korcula*) - Primosten - Kaprije and returned to Sibenik (Sukosan*).

* Route of "Sans Souci".
There were two yachts underway, Sun Odyssey 54DS "Odin" (with skipper Herbert Schöttl) and Sun Odyssey 50DS "Sans Souci" (with skipper Zvonimir Carag).

On board Odin were six friends from Chiemsee and a Carinthian, and on Sans Souci there were two Upper Austrians, two Lower Austrians and a Styrian working in Switzerland.

„Sans Souci“ started in Sukosan, „Odin“ in Sibenik.

Thursday, 14th April 2011

The meeting place was early morning in Sibenik, where the sail was being repaired on "Odin". Zvonimir Carag went ahead to organize the tax collectors to clear out from Croatia in Vela Luka. At 19.15 "Odin" anchored in Vela Luka, the customs formalities were quickly finished. After dinner in a pizzeria, at 9.45 PM it was cast-off time on course to Corfu.

Not much wind - rather calm - but for that good mood on both boats. In between, there were several opportunities to take advantage of the wind and go under sail.

Saturday, 16th April 2011

In the afternoon, the two yachts anchored in the Marina in Corfu. Unfortunately, the customs office was still closed, and it opens only on Easter. We spent the night in the Corfu Marina.

Sunday, 17th April 2011

In the morning, we went early to the petrol station (to save the marine fee), where a cashier was already waiting with a telescope, who then took 62 € from us and told us that the attendant should arrive in 20 minutes. 20 minutes became 2.5 hours. From there we went to the city quay in Corfu. That was not easy because there was simply no space to anchor. The customs officers and policemen were nice, but very slow. We still managed it and since we had made it in good time, on the advice of Zvonimir, we sailed to the island of Paxos. Great wind up to 25 knots. Through an idyllic canal we reached the main town of Gaios.

Monday, 18th April 2011

After breakfast we returned to Corfu, to clear out from the EU. We moved smoothly and the two yachts were heading for Brindisi (Italy). The sails were set on "Odin" at 23.30 at about 20 knots of wind from NW. "Sans Souci" was cruising on a higher course, it was running on the motor and the sail was used as a stabilizer. It was great to cruise with "Odin" under sail through the full moon night. The waves were good and almost two meters tall.

Tuesday, 19th April 2011

Schorsch was at the helm since midnight. (“An amazing feeling” he exclaimed, when he was releived by Herbert at three in the morning). This went on until about half past one in the afternoon. Then the sails were caught and for the last two hours we cruised towards Brindis using the motor.

We reached Brindisi at about 2 PM, while our colleagues had reached there two hours earlier. The meeting place was on the city quay. While refuelling the "Sans Souci" it was announced that food and drinks were needed on "Odin". We still had time for coffee. After only 2.5 hours in Italy, we sailed off again.

Wednesday, 20th April 2011

In Lastovo, we anchored at 4 pm at the Customs bridge and the tax collector was called by phone. He reached there after 20 minutes, the registration took a long time because there were six Germans and six Austrians. After the customs we went a few more meters to the Harbor Master, who checked the papers. He, too, was speaking Croatian and therefore, not understandable – but friendly.

After completion, we went about a mile further to the Hotel Solitudo, a hotel with a jetty. There we had an excellent dinner. Anchoring would have cost 620 kuna. Only when Herbert said "uhh, it's too expensive", the price was reduced to 310 kuna.

Thursday, 21st April 2011

We continued towards Hvar at 5 AM in the morning. Everyone wanted to have breakfast there and go round the city. However, unfortunately, we could not anchor at the town quay as we were instructed to anchor at a buoy. Thus, we had breakfast on board as it was very hot. It was absolutely fine, because the crew on "Odin" was pampered by two top chefs Lorenz (Lenzi) and Manfred (Mane) over the ten days as in a five-star restaurant. We reached Primosten in the afternoon. There was no longer enough space available for anchoring. After the men had refreshed and taken a round of the village, we had a fine dinner at a restaurant directly on the harbour. Later, we had some lady visitors. Few of a recovery crew, who were from some boats alongside us, came on board with half a bottle of grappa. We offered them "Charton de Carton" - a wonderful red wine from a five-litre tetra pack.

Friday, 22nd April 2011

Since Sibenik was not far, we took a detour via Kaprije.

By about 4 PM, after refuelling, "Odin" was anchored back in Sibenik. At the petrol station they tried to foist 64 litres of diesel on Odin crew without resetting the fuel gauge. But the crew was smarter.

The German friends decided to go home immediately and took Christian and Herbert to Sukosan, where they spent the night on a motor yacht.

"Sans Souci" anchored on the evening of 22nd April - also safely - in Sukosan. The crew slept on board.

Christian Hojas took the seven o’clock flight to Zurich, Kurt stayed on in Croatia, while the rest rode the bus home with Jörg.

In all, "Sans Souci" covered about 870 and "Odin" covered 780 nautical miles.


Die Crews:

"Odin" "Sans Souci"
Herbert Schöttl (Skipper)

Georg (Schorsch) Zacher

Michael Scharmann

Manfred (Mane) Stein

Richard Riedel

Lorenz (Lenzi) Philipp

Christian Breithuber

Franz Kreidl

Zvonimir Carag (Skipper)

Kurt Rych

Jörg Steller

Christian Hojas

Christian Lechner

Andreas Kastner