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Yacht-Pool Insurance Application 2019 (pdf)

Charter Price Protection from Yacht-Pool Insurance

Now we can offer all our customers a Charter Price Protection from the German company Yacht-Pool Versicherungs GmbH including a “security certificate” free of charge.

Here, Yacht-Pool Versicherungs GmbH assumes the obligation to repay all paid and not yet used travel price payments (charter payments) arising from the bankruptcy of the organizer.

Yachting 2000 was one of the few charter companies on the market to receive this quality certificate from Yacht-Pool Versicherungs GmbH.

The charter price payments of our customers are therefore 100% secure until the fulfillment of the contractually-agreed services. The customer bears no risk at Yachting 2000 with his or her down payment.

In the future, only charter with a Security Certificate!
Yachting 2000: Your reliable partner

What you should consider when signing a charter contract:

For very justified reasons, we would like to again point out the need to secure your charter payments accordingly against the risk of bankruptcy to the agency to whom you paid the down payment, as well as against the fleet operator to whom your payment will be forwarded. Economic conditions of the charter business have not become easier, especially in southern countries. The insolvencies in the charter industry in the past have clearly shown that even successful-seeming companies are at risk. A watertight customer payment security system is therefore fair, legitimate and more required today than ever before. This issue has become increasingly acute, as the down payments required have increased steadily in recent years, and thus the risk of the charterer, who also funds financial advances with his payments.

YACHT-POOL, as a pioneer in this field of charterer protection, developed a corresponding security certificate which, in our opinion, offers by far the highest security available to cover this risk.

We offer our customers this YACHT-POOL Security Certificate because, after our extensive research, this certificate represents both unique protection and the required amount of coverage.  It is, according to our research, by far the best offer available.

For this reason, for many years now, we have given the YACHT-POOL Security Certificate to all our customers as security for down payments, free of charge.

However, we would like to point out that the increasing awareness of charter customers has produced a corresponding demand pressure, which has prompted imitations of the security certificate developed by YACHT-POOL to appear. However, these imitations are often more pretense than security and do not do what the customer expects and needs, namely a proper credit check of the companies into whose hands the charter payments are being paid (both agency and fleet operators) and above all, a corresponding sum insured in the fine print.

The YACHT-POOL Security Certificate can only be obtained from good agencies, which in turn may only issue them to certified fleet operators listed on YACHT-POOL who have to submit their balance sheets annually. You will usually receive these bills from such agencies, as we do, free of charge. But there are also so-called “security notes light” on the market, which have an unacceptably low (meaningless) coverage and which can be issued without appropriate credit ratings for agencies and fleet operators without appropriate credit, because the insured risk in the fine print – at the expense of customers (and difficult to understand for the customer) – is accordingly limited. But the YACHT-POOL-Security Certificate and we at Yachting 2000 have a different philosophy. The security of money is one thing, but with this security certificate, it is also implied that the charter customer can assume that everything else is in order. This is an enormously important secondary aspect of the strict credit rating system.

But if it is a “collateral light” certificate, which is issued by other insurance companies, so to speak as a bonus for the conclusion of an insurance policy, this security certificate says nothing about the creditworthiness of the charterer, because these notes are not solid credit checks. The reason why such a collateral note can be issued so easily is because the performance in the fine print is accordingly minimized. The customer notices this – but only when it’s too late.

Our goal is to provide you with the best advice and support in all charter-related areas. And that includes providing you with all the relevant and important information.

If you have further questions, we are happy to advise you!

Josef Limberger
Yachting 2000