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Yacht-Pool Charter Insurance for your dream holiday

The skipper and the crew are exposed to special risks which normal insurance policies cover inadequately or not at all. As one of the major providers of yachting insurance, we have carefully examined the loopholes in coverage, in order to identify a skipper’s real problems and risks and to develop policies which actually provide protection against them. Our insurance policies may be taken out and canceled independently of one another.

YACHT-POOL offers insurance on three levels!

1. We cover legitimate liability claims due to property damage and/or personal injury caused to parties not onboard the vessel. Keep in mind that personal injury especially can quickly lead to very large claims. You should therefore select a sufficiently high level of coverage, since your liability is, as a rule, unlimited!

2. We cover the legitimate liability claims of the crew. This is important since normal liability policies generally exclude coverage for claims made by “by co-insured parties against one another.” “Co-insured parties” are generally all those persons authorized to be on board the vessel. That’s why having this risk expressly included is crucial for you.

3. We also cover the legitimate liability claims of the yacht owner due to property damage caused to the yacht through “gross negligence”. Damage to the yacht involving “gross negligence” is generally not covered by any hull-insurance provider. For these damages only (but not for all other liability damages), the co-payment is 2,550 Euro. But “gross negligence” can be flexibly interpreted, especially when the decision is up to an overseas court, which would most likely be the case for an overseas charter tour. That’s why you are covered against this risk by “YACHT-POOL’S specific terms and conditions”.

Hull damage not caused by “gross negligence” is generally covered by the hull-insurance which you are guaranteed (excluding the deposit/bond) under the charter contract. So a skipper’s insurance policy against ordinary hull damage (without gross negligence) does not seem necessary.

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YACHT-POOL Terms and Conditions

Yacht Pool Flight Service

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In the past, airfares were clearly regulated, but now this situation has been replaced by a highly competitive market. High season flights – just when you plan to sail – have become more and more expensive, although the media inform consumers that flights cost almost nothing, or at best a mere €49.

We, therefore, recommend the Yacht Pool Flight Service, which has specialist know-how in dealing with the rapidly-changing aviation market. The renowned specialist for flights to charter bases and our cooperation partner offers favorable alternatives to the mainstream market.

Yacht Pool Flight Service is an independent company specializing in charter base flights. Benefit from special agreements that our cooperation partner has made with airlines and test this flight service with a free offer. We are convinced that you too will be convinced of the value of this service.

Receive your tailormade offer at info@nullyachtpoolflights.de or click here.

Feedback about the YACHT-POOL Flight Service:

“You are a genius, because Lufthansa quoted me a much more expensive ticket price.
Many thanks”
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult Wolfgang Holzgreve, MBA Universitätsklinikum Freiburg

“I wanted to thank you again for your excellent service. Your prices were significantly cheaper than what our internet research revealed. We recommend you and your team further and will book with you again.”
Dr. Reinhard Drdla, Donau Chemie AG, Österreich

“Thank you for the confirmation. As I have been dealing with you for so many years, it is time to give you my full appreciation. This is truly an outstanding service. Especially in the internet age, I am always surprised by your low prices. We wish you and your company every continued success.
Best regards”
Prof. Dr. Leander Bathon, B&B GBR, Glattbach

“Thank you for your once again perfect service. As we already discussed by phone, our management has also confirmed that the travel costs of our models have been significantly reduced in the last 15 months through our cooperation. An unprecedented level of expertise paired with an above-average service concept gives us the assurance that we are nowhere better placed than with you and your team.”
Sven Luzio, direktor of sales, WOMEN management Paris

“Many thanks for your offer. The flight you offered was € 281 cheaper than what we found online. Once again, you have proved your legendary expertise.”
Best regards
Herr B. Leiter Projektsteuerung, Cavotec Fladung GmbH

“Everything was great as always. For many years now, I have been booking my business and private flights through you because of your expertise, flexibility, favorable prices and the super service you offer. It would be nice if service was always understood this way.”
Best regards
Prof. Dr. Hans Biener

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