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Yachting 2000 - Team

For a few years now Yachting 2000 is one of the top charter companies along the Croatian coast with high standard of quality and competence, offering a comprehensive range of catamarans, sailing- and motoryachts from 34 up to 80 feet in length.

Since 2001 we carry an own base in the „Marina Dalmajcija“ in Sukosan nearby Zadar situated in the middle of the Adriatic Sea. In 2007 we decided to open another one in the "Marina Mandalina / Sibenik".

Our Charter bases are equipped with modern garages and an adequate spare stock to be able to promptly react if repairs are needed. The bases are under Austrian lead with international staff.

We hope you’ll enjoy your next sailing trip with one of our yachts

Your Yachting 2000 team

Introducing our team:

Josef Limberger

CEO, Customer Service/Marketing/Yacht trading

Marina Limberger

Customer Service/Central Office Austria

Veronika Eder

Customer Service/Central Office Austria


Anzelika Snezko

Customer Service/Central Office Austria

Anzelika Snezko

Robert Pühringer


Sanja Mrvic

Customer Service/Croatia
Marina Mandalina


Vanja Paleka

Customer Service/Croatia
Marina Dalmacija