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Yacht Investment

Your own Yacht?

A yacht investment is the cheapest way to fulfill the dream of owning a yacht.

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The most important advantages:

«Yachtinvest» or «investing in yachts» is a comprehensive program of the company Yachting 2000, successfully operating for more than 20 years. This is a long-term re­lationship with a large number of European manufacturers of vessels; weil- established system of interaction with partner compa­nies, parts’ and additional equipment suppli­ers; this is an impeccable company’s reputa­tion in the market of charter services. 20 plus years’ experience and effectiveness allow us to ensure stable loading of the charter ves­sel. What is even more important, tens and dozens of people have already become hap­py owners of yachts and motor boats!

The core of the whole program is equal co­operation with those who wish to buy a ves­sel – and become happy owners of motor or sailing yachts. Of course, everything starts with discussing of the appropriate vessel model. Using their many years’ experience, the company experts will advise you exact­ly the model line which will be in demand in the charter, with a lang service period and guaranteed revenue. Without doubt, any owner will be happy and delighted! And – in case you want to seil the vessel – the price lass will be minimal. Yachting 2000 boasts close partner contacts with the world’s most sought-after shipyards – Jeanneau Yachts, Beneteau, Lagoon, Sunreef Yachts and many others.

Be sure to place a vessel order in advance. lt is vital to take into account delivery time: for example, for some models waiting for the or­der fulfilment can be up to 2 years. Generally, you can proceed from the fact that the wait will take about a year.

The next stage is the yacht’s reception from the shipyard, organization of a professional vessel transfer team, vessel registration pa­perwork, insurance procedure and delivery under the flag. Further, on the agreement with the owner, we will help you to put the boat in the charter, where the owner makes his / her weeks of private boat operation, the rest of time is provided for charter. This is an important point, as the income brought by the charter, allows to cover the bulk of the cost of purchasing and keeping the boat. As experience shows, on average, a full investments’ return can be expected in 7-9 years. Besides, you still have your boat left. The process of any yacht’s exploitation is langer than one or two years. And this im­plies long-term relations between the owner and the company.

The biggest advantage of Yachting 2000 is its constant openness – we do welcome fruitful cooperation. Our employ­ees are highly-qualified and can come up to the highest clients’ expectations while servic­ing each yacht.

Yachting 2000, one of the largest and most reliable charter operators in Croatian waters, has built its impeccable business reputation on the pillars of effectiveness, reliability and profitability.